Where the grown folks train in a playful way

Getting Started

Private Training

    These sessions are ideal if:

    • You find yourself getting injured every time you get going on a workout plan.  
    • You like the attention of having one-to-one time with a trainer.  
    • You want the fastest track to transforming your body.  
    • You need support and accountability in your nutrition and lifestyle choices.  
    • You need a flexible schedule.  
    • You get overstimulated in group environments.  
    • You’ve graduated to move advanced techniques that need greater supervision.

    Group Training

    These sessions are ideal if:

    • You’re looking for the most economical path to transforming your body.  
    • You are interested in meeting new people and like working out with friends.  
    • You’re just getting started moving naturally and want to be inspired by your tribe.

    Certification Program

    This program is ideal if:

    • You’ve been working with a coach or trainer for a while and want to take the next step toward monitoring your own programming.  
    • You’re passionate about health and fitness and want to understand the essence and science behind it.  
    • You’re already an established fitness professional and want to bring elements of Spirit and intuition to your work.  
    • You’re already an established energy worker and want to understand the elements of training the physical body.

    Request a free Intro Call (15’ phone call): text (203) 745-0214